Fantabulous Antipasto Salad



½ Pound of Sliced Salami Cut in Half

3 Pounds of Cheese Tortellini

(Prepare Tortellini according to packaged instructions and allow to slightly cool.)

1 Cup of Marinated Artichoke Hearts

1 Cup of Stuffed Olives Cut in Half

1 Cup of Marinated Mozzarella Balls Cut in Half

1 Cup of Cherry Tomatoes or Roma Tomatoes

(Toss with Salt and Pepper to taste.)

1 Cup of Baby Bella Mushroom Cut in Quarters

1 Pound of Spring Mix Lettuce

½ Teaspoon of Salt

½ Teaspoon of Black Pepper

Tip: Save at least ½ Cup of the marinade liquid from the mozzarella balls and artichokes.  This will act as the perfect salad dressing.


In one large bowl toss all ingredients together except for your lettuce. You can store this salad in the fridge for at least a week and add to your lettuce when ready to serve.

You can also use the same ingredients and make amazing Antipasto Kabobs and top with your favorite pesto sauce.  Your guest won't be dissappointed either way. 

We hope that you’ll enjoy this recipe and come back to share your experience with everyone!