Shrimp Scampi


4 Tablespoons of Butter

5 Tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

1 A Fresh Lemon

2 Fresh Shallots

2 Cloves of Garlic

¼ Cup of Fresh Parsley

1 Teaspoon of Red Pepper Flakes

1 LB of Fresh Shrimp

2 Teaspoon of Kosher salt

1 Teaspoon of Black Pepper

½ Cup of your favorite Dry White Wine

1 LB of your Favorite Pasta

(Suggestions - Linguini, Angel Hair, Vermicelli, Mini Shells)

Prep: Season Shrimp with Salt and Pepper, Chop Parsley, Garlic & Shallot, Slice ½ of a Lemon.


1.   Place a large stockpot of water on the stove and bring to a boil.  Add at least 1 to 2 Tablespoons of salt and olive oil to the boiling water and then add your pasta.  You’ll need to boil the pasta for at least 8 to 10 minutes until done. Save ½ cup of pasta water before draining.  Return the pasta to the stockpot and cover to keep warm.

2.   In a large skillet add 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil and Butter over a medium heat. Once melted reduce your heat just a little.  Add Shallots, Garlic, Salt, Black Pepper and Red Pepper to the skillet and sauté for 3 to 5 minutes over a low to medium heat. Add your Shrimp and continue to sauté on both sides until pink. Remove Shrimp from your skillet and set aside.

(Tip: Sautéing Shrimp will only take about 1 to 2 minutes per side on a medium heat.  Depends on the size of the your Shrimp.)

3.   Squeeze the juice of 1 whole Lemon, 2 Tablespoons of Butter, ½ Cup of Wine and add ¼ of a cup of your pasta water in your skillet.  Cook until it has reduced for 3 to 5 minutes.

(Tip: Pasta water will help your sauce to thicken just a little.)

 Return your Shrimp to the skillet and add the chopped Parsley, also adding a little salt and pepper. Place your pasta in the skillet and toss to coat well. Squeeze ½ of a lemon and a drizzle of Olive Oil then top with chopped parsley, as a garnish, and serve!